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Student Care Services


Our student care services 'KARE' is designed for the sophisticated and the robust student management programme. 

The programme aims providing A-Z services from the arrival at the airport till a smooth settlement in Korea. 

This will help you to save time and energy from the hassles for every and each trivial things in your daily life in Korea.

Parked Buses
Airport Pick up Service

Are you still going around to find public transportation and going through all the hassles of transfer to line for the subway carrying your heavy baggage?

We will arrange a pick up service directly to your destination for you.

No more hassles. Contact us now.

Price: from $20~ 

Studio Apartment
Accommodation Arrangement

Have you ever faced difficulty while looking for the place to stay in Korea?

More than 70% of foreign students have gone through the unpleasant experiences

with their accommodation arrangement. 

Due to language barrier and different rental pattern from your home country, it's not easy to go look out the suitable accommodation within your budget. 


Now you don't have to go through the same.

It will be very delightful memory of looking for your cozy place. 


Just Contact us.

Price: Variable by the accommodation type

Customer Service Rep
Concierge Service

What did you expect to do as the first thing in Korea before you arrive?

Many foreign students tell us it's ordering a fried chicken delivery.

But, unfortunately, many of them cannot meet their simple easy goal due to the language barrier. 

Now you have a concierge service 'Mama Papa bear service' which would be available at any point of time when you need any help in your daily life.

The service contains translation, ordering food, inquiring about your stay including 1 time accompany for the emergency issues from the date of your arrival upto 3 month of your settlement in Korea.

Would you like to know more about this service?

Contact us now.

Price: $100 for 3 months


Outdoor Party
After School Activities

What are you doing after school hours?

Are you staying at your dormitory just studying? Or just roaming around in the campus?

Here we have various activity programmes in different themes such as sports, party, traditional experience etc. 

Don't be shy. 

Let's get out and have fun in Korea!! 

Contact us now.

Price: $30~ (Variable by the size of group, activity type etc)


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