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Smart Quarantine Service

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 Since the Covid-19 broke out, the Department of Health and Welfare established a regulation in first of April 2020 for all inbound foreigner and all Korean citizens to comply with 10 days of self-quarantine policy. If violated, one can be imprisoned up to 1 year and can be charged with 10 million Korean Won as fine.   

Read more >> Latest MOFAT Notice

Do you have any family, relatives or friends in Korea?

If yes, do they have a spare room with a private restroom and kitchen?

As per the guidelines provided by MOFAT, hotel or dormitory facilities cannot meet the requirements for 10 day quarantine facility. 

◆Please be noted that without exceptions you could also be the asymptomatic patient. 

Hotel Room

At a reasonable and affordable price which is lower than other government designated quarantine facilities we offer better and cleaner quarantine space and services. We offer various premium services including transportation reservation services, healthy and delicious meals that includes special meal at the end of each week, and partial medical service such as offering of emergency medicine and 24-hours online quarantine helper from our facility that you could ask for instant help or for guide. Facility includes every living necessity that you need for stable and cozy quarantine time.

If you have no place to stay for 10 day-quarantine, NO stress! 
Just use our Smart Quarantine Service Pack. You will experience cozy, homely and comfortable services though you are isolated for 10 day-period.

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맛있는 도시락 상자
Working Out
살균 제품
Online Workshop
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The Package Includes:
washing-machine (1).png

◇ Clean and spacious living spaces with air-conditioner

◇ Individual restroom and shower booth

 Individual kitchen (Gas burner, refrigerator)

◇ Free Wi-fi


◇ Premium Meals (Special Meals Request Available)

◇ Snacks and Beverages

◇ Emergency Medicine Kit

◇ 24 hour-Online Helper Service for Emergencies

◇ Korean Translation Service

◇ Transportation Arrangement

◇ Online Community for Self-Quarantine Service Users


◇ Amenities (Toilet paper, adaptor, bottles of water)

◇ Small Indoor Exercise Tools

◇ Professional Disinfection and Sterilization against Corona Virus

◇ Nicotine Supplement (Optional)

Quarantine Facility
Cozy Bedroom
Bathroom Toilet

*This is a concept image. The actual images may vary. 

Most of them are brand-new studio apartments fully furnished with modern kitchen & bathroom.

Individual A/C system installed for all facilities.

No time to feel bored as the facility itself would please you while staying.

Meals & Snacks
Rustic Meal

*This is a concept image. The actual images may vary. 

◇ Breakfast 

Cereal / English breakfast / Instant noodle / Cupbap

(Prepared in the facility)

◇ Lunch 

Fresh Lunch box or Western style sandwich or hamburger


◇ Dinner

Fresh meal with special menu

◇ Special meal

Trendy Korean food once a week

*For special meal requests i.e. Halal or vegetarian foods, additional $50 will be charged. 


◆ Snack list 

*The following snacks are all prepared in the facility before check-in. The items will vary as per the local circumstances. 


Bottled water 2L 

Milk 1L

Juice and Beverage 1.5L



Instant cup noodle

Instant cup soup




Fruit (Tangerine)


Instant rice

Chocolate & Candies

Promotion Price $850 / 7 nights 8 days >> 

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