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Greetings, We are very pleased to serve in assisting inbound foreign students from abroad to Republic of Korea.

We, Education Korea corp, basically offer total package services including A-Z such as school registrations, student management and concierge services in regards to administrative work for Universities in Korea and student management. 

 However, one of our main service K.A.R.E is more focus on supporting students in every way to help students safely and comfortably settle in Korea. 

If you need any assistance during stay in Korea, please reach us.

It will be more than welcome for us to assist you in any cases and every cases.  


Here find our Student care professionals to help you settle in Korea in the most comfortable and convenient way. It would be most delightful to support inbound students in every way and any way whenever they have any troubles or issues in Korea. It could always occur due to language barrier, cultural diversity or lack of information etc. You don't need to worry about anything as we are here for you. 



Hi, My name is Jeff Won.

 I would like to help you guys get through good times in Korea. and I thank you to have chosen our company to assist your stay in Korea. I have 6 years of experience abroad in Europe from my teenage time to adulthood. And I know what these young students have as common trouble.


Hello I'm Kylie. 

It would be very delighted to support incoming foreign students. 

I can assure you a safe and comfortable staying in Korea with my full support. 

For female students, you can always reach me at any point of time in case of any personal issues or troubles happened due to sexuality which you can't share with anyone else. 



+82 70 7757 0215

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RN 240. Sun Building, Dong-il Ro 123, Seongdong Gu, Seoul 04798 Republic of Korea

Working Hours
Mon~Fri 10am - 6pm

24/7 Emergency Contacts

kakaotalk: @mamapapabear


Crisis manager:

+82 10 2284 1765

We Wish Your pleasant stay in Korea

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